Kevin Frewer

Commenced his musical career at the age of 15 playing at nightclubs in Christchurch. Played keyboards in Craig Scott’s band before joining North Island recording band Tom Thumb under the guidance of legendary producer Peter Dawkins. Returned to Christchurch and joined pub band Fifth Edition. Later in the 70s performed as a duo with the late and great Stu Buchanan and then various solo gigs in restaurants and the like. Sings and plays keyboards at the Canterbury A&P show every year and now looks forward to hooking up with daughter Celine as a duo, or plus Rodger as a trio.

Celine Graham

As a 21 year old she started working on original music in Christchurch. After a move to Queenstown her interest turned to dance music when she started singing over tech house dance tracks in various nightclubs. This allowed her to be discovered by Dutch DJ/Producer Lucien Foort when he was touring NZ. In 2002 Dutch label Black Hole Recordings then signed her and she recorded tracks in Holland with one of them Colour My Eyes used as the opening track on Tiesto’s (voted the greatest DJ of all time) In Search of Sunrise 5, Los Angeles mix album. She then had Dutch producer Mark Norman use her vocals to release more dance tracks. Recently, she is a member of Christchurch band Paper Creatures who released an album Discarded & Found in 2008.

Rodger Hanson

First started playing in dance bands in the mid 60s on guitar, bass guitar and trombone at various stages. Played in pub bands in the 70s in many Christchurch venues. In the 80s did most of his work as a session player and also backed many artists the like of Billy T James, Eddie Low, Ray Columbus, Frankie Stevens, Yandall Sisters and Rob Guest. Played for many years as bass player for the corporate band Affirmation and continued up until recent years as guitarist, bassist and leader for Solpak which has now disbanded.