Sign Of The Firebird

Sign Of The Firebird is a Christchurch covers band that plays everything the other bands cant! Specialising in the original rock of old, The Who, Deep Purple, Hendrix, The Doors, even The Beatles, these guys will take you back and remind you how music was supposed to be played, with everything from classic epic masterpieces to party anthems, and then throw in a few select modern wonders just to keep you on your toes.’

Well seasoned and with a penchant for keeping live music a live experience, you can expect to hear a few extended versions of your favourite songs, but rest assured, you  will be sure to enjoy what these guys can bring. 

Band Line Up: Tim Martin – Guitar, Bass & Lead Vocals Rob Tate – Guitar, Keys & Backing Vocals Dene Thurston – Drums Geoff Cox – Bass & Keys