X-FILES duo is Christchurch’s 5-star duo in music and entertainment; most noted for their energy, performance, crowd interaction, vocals, great sound, and dress.  Every performance is specifically crafted to the flow of the event and for the entertainment of each new audience; song choice is paramount. We want to help make your event most memorable and magical!

Singing professionally since age 17, vocalist Mandi Miller is from the USA, and has been a well established performer in Christchurch since 2003.  With hundreds of performances that span worldwide, this internationally acclaimed singer has a strong emphasis on entertainment during performances.  She uses a wireless mic, which allows her to float and sing freely among the audience.

In LA (2012), she won several singing/entertaining gold & silver awards at World Championship of Performing Arts. She sang for several years in Christchurch’s highly regarded Dateless-n-Desperate Showband (DnD).  She currently fronts Christchurch’s widely respected rock/pop band, RETROSONIC She also has a an award-winning solo keyboard/vocal act: Mandi Miller Soloist.

Chiming in on guitar and vocals is Mark Wilson. Formerly of the Basket Cases and Auckland based CHCH band the Androidss.

Mark had an original song which charted at NO 19 in 1981. He then went onto play with covers bands The Blue Beats and Wonderwall until forming his own Classic Rock Band RETROSONIC.

Mark loves to rock’n roll, complementing Mandi’s dynamic vocals with smooth guitar licks and a choice of songs in which he sings lead.