The Funky Hot Mamas

The Funky Hot Mamas are the hottest act to hit the stage since Abba! With the ability to entertain in pubs, clubs and restaurants these two are able to ensure that every audience walks away entertained.

With experience in theatre, dance and cabaret the Funky Hot Mamas use all elements of show business to provide the best music combined with non-stop entertainment.

FHM – retro from the get-go

Contrary to popular belief fhm have discovered that the 60’s are definitely still swinging. So are the 70’s and 80’s for that matter and it seems that we all like to revisit the time when we had:

  • more hair on our head than our body
  • could see our waist
  • knew how to shimmy, shake, rattle and roll without causing grievous bodily harm

Well who wouldn’t? Taint nuthin’ wrong with a bit of fun and what better way to get the giggles than a psychedelic trip down memory lane with fhm and a few hundred of your closest friends. Ok, ok… so no- ones quite that popular but The Funky Hot Mamas belting out hits of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s most certainly are.

Sporting beehives to rival that of Marge Simpson fhm swing you straight into the turbulent 60’s and soon have you intoxicated by their outrageous energy and madcap antics. Settle into the groovy vibe of the 70’s and feel the funky beat. All inhibition lost… Disco is alive! And lastly be embraced by the great anthems of the 80’s, (never mind the tragic fashion) ‘cut footloose’ and ‘get down tonight’ with The Funky Hot Mamas.

Cabaret Savignon – Sweet, Light and a little Tart.

The saying goes, “there’s no business like show business” and assuming yet another alias fhm prove this point with pizzazz. Teamed with the outstanding talent of Dale Hartley, Leigh and Lou recreate the old razzle dazzle that embodies all things theatrical with costumes, song and dance.

An insight into the egotistical battles between stage divas “Do it the Broadsway” is based in showbiz roots and offers such favourites as “Three Little Maids”, “Broadway Baby” and “You Could Drive A Person crazy”….. and they frequently do. Not to be missed Cabaret Sauvignon’s “Do it the Broadsway” is a hot favourite for dinner parties, conferences or any occasion where you want to impress your guests. Up market, stylish and performed amongst a flurry of sensational costume changes, Cabaret Sauvignon warms the palate, soothes the senses and sweetens the soul. Don’t hesitate…”Do it the Broadsway”.

Crowd Captured by Mafia Mistresses

If there was any doubt as to the sanity of The Funky Hot Mamas, here now is the proof that they haven’t just lost the plot…they never knew where it was in the first place. Making its debut in 2002, the Mafia show is one of fhm’s best-kept secrets. Able to hold an audience to ransom there is now evidence that their brand of musical madness is perfect for that intimate function where you want to poke fun at your friends, clients or co workers.

The Mafia show is full of good old fashioned Italian themes like food, wine, family, pizza, love, and reinforced concrete footwear… that kind of thing. A real treat for a luncheon, BBQ, dinner party, or conference. The Mafia show rollicks through a medley of classic cabaret, comedy, song and dance to titillate the taste buds as well as the funny bone. With enough costume changes to rival any Italian fashion house, the Mafia show presents “the family” as never seen before… sassy, single and in stilettos.