DnD as …

DnD Showband performing Grease!

DnD Showband are the masters of tribute and theme sets and are a regular act on the chartered club circuit across New Zealand.

Current tribute theme catalogue consists of ABBA, Grease 50s, Super 60s, Fleetwood Mac, Disco Inferno, Rock Vixens, Rocky Horror, Moulin Rouge.
Sets can be mixed and matched and featured alongside mixed material live band sets.
Eager to work on new themes to suit a particular event.

Six performers plus sound engineer.
Jo-Anne Davern (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Gina Gilbreath (vocals, keyboards); Mel Lawson (vocals, percussion); Ben Harvey (vocals, lead guitar); Grant McPhie (bass, keyboards); Mark Newburn (vocals, drums).

Live instruments are minimally supplemented with high quality midi backing tracks for tribute theme sets.