Ko Tane




(Estimated length 5-10 minutes)

 CONCH SOUNDING” will alert your customers that their cultural experience is about to begin.
“KARANGA” Once the conch has sounded one of our Maori maidens will sing a karanga or song of welcome.
“HAKA POWHIRI” Following the karanga the group will perform a chant of welcome.
“MIHI” The first words of welcome and speeches will then begin which will be followed by a song by the host tribe to conclude this part of the performance.
“WAIATA KINAKI” performed by the group in an acknowledgement of the words spoken in the mihi, by our Chief.
“HONGI” The pressing of noses or breath of life to bring both guests and local people together as one.


(Estimated length 15-30 minutes)
“ENTERTAINMENT” Following the welcome our Maori Cultural Performing Arts Group will then entertain your visitors with a display of Actions Songs, Poi Dances and Haka. The length of these performances can vary from 15 to 45 minutes depending on what requirement the customer has and their timeframe.
“HAKA” Our warriors will perform the fearsome haka or war dance. Renowned the World over, its power will leave the audience with a thrilling crescendo. From Pre-European days to the present, a Haka Taparahi (the type performed for your customers) has always been a ceremonial haka never for war, and always performed without weapons, but with set actions.
“POI” As performed by the woman-folk. The poi itself is a “ball on the end of a string”. It is manipulated into forming twirling patterns and intricate rhythms and sung with lovely harmonies and melodies.
“WAIATA AROHA” There are many famous Maori waiata aroha, or love songs, Pokarekare Ana is only one of the many; you will hear a song special to the hearts and souls of our people.

Ko Tane
Ko Tane
Ko Tane
Ko Tane
Ko Tane