Praesto Quartet


The Praesto Quartet, based in Christchurch, New Zealand, has been performing since 1997. Our quartet, comprising the traditional two violins, viola and ‘cello, will add a touch of elegance to your wedding or function.

Our principle group of Chris Adams, Hamish Taylor, Helen Acheson and Iain Brandram-Adams has been joined by other musicians over the past four years in order to extend the number of events we can attend on any given day.

We offer a large variety of colour themes to coordinate with your bridesmaids, or in some cases the bride or the groomsmen. The men in the quartet wear black dinner jackets, black trousers and coloured waistcoats and bowties. Banners placed on our music stands also carry coloured ribbons or flowers to coordinate with the waistcoats. As we often play at ceremonies and feature in photographs, we consider the visual impact to be extremely important.

We have played in the past at many different events including many Christchurch City Council functions, playing for the Governor General, the University of Canterbury, Victoria in the Park, Vienese and other balls, the opening of the Winter Festival in Queenstown, opening of businesses, art exhibitions, ballets, Christmas functions, charitable events, silent auctions,golden anniversaries, christenings, banquets and many famous private weddings. We have played on a battleship, on punts, at the top of the gondola, on TV3 (Weddings) and CTV, at large hotels, cathedrals and churches, and recording studios. At weddings, the quartet usually plays for at least 15 minutes before the bride arrives. We also usually play for at least an additional hour after the ceremony while photos are being taken.

Please note that it is advisable to book for your event as far in advance as is practicable, especially if it is to be held during the busy summer months.